The McClure Family

The McClure Family

This is a guest post by Tracy Johnson at The Valley Friends & Neighbors Magazine, published in their April 2023 edition. Thank you, Tracy!

If you feel that Green Valley and Sahuarita have been growing quickly, just take a moment to chat with Dustin at Keep it Up Artificial Turf Care. As a Tucson native, he has witnessed countless changes to the Valley.

Dustin grew up on the northwest side of Tucson and still resides there. “I graduated from Mountain View High School and haven’t ventured too far out of the neighborhood,” he begins. “I remember when Sahuarita originally became a town and when Rancho Sahuarita was being built. I begged my folks to move there!”

Although he has never moved out of Tucson, Dustin has had the privilege of working from Tucson to Tubac, wearing a couple different hats. Originally, he did compaction and material testing for road development and building construction. Having a young family, Dustin took on a side job installing turf for a friend’s company. He noticed that some of their jobs were ripping out existing turf to replace it with new turf. “People put in turf, not realizing that it needs maintenance. You don’t have to mow it, but it does take some amount of upkeep,” he explains. And with that realization of the need for this service, Keep it Up Artificial Turf Care was born.

Keep it Up Turf is built on the concept of saving people money, as well as keeping good turf out of our landfills. Although modern turf has a 15–20-year life, lack of upkeep can void warranties and shorten the life of your turf. Dustin equates it to getting a new carpet. “You wouldn’t install new carpet and never clean it. Right!? The same can be said for synthetic grass.” Do you have to have a professional come clean it? “Not all the time,” he says. “In between services, when your turf is dry, clean up any debris with a plastic rake (metal can damage) and wash away pet “deposits” with an odor neutralizer,” he suggests as a start. Additional tips are available on his website- However, if your turf is ready for some professional help, that’s where Dustin comes in.

Dustin’s favorite part of Keep it Up Turf is the before and after. “The turf looks great, and customers are amazed. Heck, there are times I am amazed!” Just like a carpet, even if you don’t think it’s dirty or needs “fluffing”, when it is done the difference is remarkable.

When Dustin isn’t out on the turf, you can find him enjoying 4-wheeling, hunting, fishing, or golfing. If he happens to be inside, he is probably watching University of Arizona sports or a Packers game. Whatever he may be doing, you can guarantee he is accompanied by one of his sons or his wife (a nearly native) of nineteen years.

For some tips to maintain your turf, check out Keep it Up Artificial Turf Care’s website – If your turf looks a little beyond self-help, or maybe you haven’t done anything to maintain the turf you had installed five years ago, Keep it Up Artifcial Turf Care is here to provide a clean and fluff. Give him a call at # 520-869-1665 for miraculous before and after photos of your own. Let us REVITALIZE the look of your investment!